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Another take on locating Fitton






[My flatmate probably wonders why I break out my England and Wales road map all of a sudden.]

We know few things about the location of Fitton: It’s near the A45, close enough that a drunken pilot could mix up the runway and the street. It’s 200 miles from Ottery St Mary. When you go from Fitton to Ottery St Mary you take the A46 and later the M5 (the latter is, judging by Martin’s reaction to a possible delay, a bit further away from Fitton).

The A45 and A46 meet in Coventry, so it’s a safe bet to say Fitton’s in the vicinity. I’d argue that Fitton Airfield is southeast from Coventry: First, Birmingham has a rather big airport (seventh busiest in the UK, according to Wikipedia) and it’s rather close to the A45. I’m no expert, but unless Fitton Airfield is very close to Coventry, it’s going to be very crowded in the air with all the planes (does anyone know how big the minimum distance between two airports has to be?). The second clue, and that’s the more reliable one, is the route they take to Ottery St Mary. If Fitton was near Birmingham, they’d go down the A45 and then the M42 to get to the M5. Going down the A46 makes only sense if Fitton is located to the south east of Coventry. Then let’s go back to the drunken pilot: It’s more likely that he confuses a single carriageway with the runway, since a dual carriageway has a rather broad strip of green between the lanes. Now, between Birmingham and Thrapston, there’s only a relatively short part of the A45 that is a single carriageway. This part begins in Dunchurch near Rugby and ends near Northampton, where the A45 meets the M1. And look what Google Maps says when you look up a route from Daventry (that’s about halfway between Dunchurch and Northampton) to Ottery St Mary: 200 miles, first down the A45, then the A46, M40, M42 and then the M5.

So unless someone finds a fault in my logic, I’d say that we can safely assume that Fitton is located somewhere around Daventry.

I like this theory a lot :D Also, in Boston, Carolyn mentions Daventry in the pre-credits, and while her joking about isn’t necessarily going to be factually correct, I reckon it’s likely that if you were picking a random place, you’d pick somewhere nearby. More on your mind. Yeah?

(And here I thought I know all Cabin Pressure episodes by heart.)

That’s a good point. Daventry has about 22,000 inhabitants, so it’s rather unlikely that a non-local would know about this pool (Wikipedia kindly informs me that this pool is now closed).

I will never not be impressed by the CP fandom. This is awesome and you are brilliant.

There’s a newer post going around trying to determine where Fitton is, but this post can save you the trouble; it’s actually already been confirmed by John himself that Fitton is West of Daventry. Thanks pmzzo!

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